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Bryan Cope


I am a mixed media artist here in my hometown of Houston, TX.  The drafting and architectural design of Frank Lloyd Wright, the visual futurism of Syd Mead, and the philosophical approach of Kazimir Malevich, all have influenced my artwork.  My unique style, which I call “Street Drafting”, is a blend of graffiti and drafting.  My work focuses on topics ranging from dry existentialism and humor, to current societal norms such as society's manipulation of God, and the human disconnect due to technological progression.  Through my work, I translate complex issues through aesthetically gritty, yet highly refined, use of drafting and stencil.


My early education introduced me to drafting, painting, and mixed media.  My formal education consisted of the advancement of painting techniques, conceptual graphic design, printmaking and digital arts.  As an artist, I am a founding member of The Blue Dozen Collective, which consists of local (and regional) artist collaborations, murals, and fabrication. 


Ultimately, I provide a graphic user interface that prompts the audience to demand more information and feel more connected to their day-to-day surroundings.  My work is not created to project answers or solutions.  However, each piece is a candid exposure of present disparities we collectively choose to ignore or enjoy, expressed in a flourish of color and shape.



 Gallery & Events


  • Various one night pop up shows 2008-2011

  • Regular exhibition at East end studio gallery 2011-present

  • Summerfest 2009-2014 (volunteer and installation artist)

  • Station museum 2013

  • Scope oct 2013

  • Artopia jan 2014

  • Solo exhibition at BC College -“angular momentum” april  2014

  • the Big Show july 2015

  • Strictly Stencils sept 2015

  • Wet Paint april 2016

  • Stricly Stencils oct 2016



Murals and Festivals-

  • Free Press Summer Fest- Art installation, vending, and live Art 2009-2014

  • KingsPoint (2010-2014)- shows include: hazardous obsession, Meeting Of Styles.

  • All sport crossfit june 2012

  • District H crossfit winter 2012

  • UP art on main 2012

  • Hope outdoor gallery march 2012-2014

  • Bloodline tattoo sept 2013

  • Meeting Of Styles oct 2013

  • Redbull urban rhythm- nov 2013

  • Angular momentum mural “you can never go home”

  • roots salon

  • Secret Group June 2014

  • Avis Frank Gallery july 2014

  • Meeting of Styles sept 2014

  • Meeting of Styles sept 2015

  • HUE Mural festival oct 2015

  • Meeting of Styles sept 2016

  • Wall of Fame 2   sept 2016

  • HUE Mural festival oct 2016


 Advanced Skills

  • Extensive understanding of Adobe Suites

  • Vector Graphics

  • Murals

  • Digital to print understanding

  • Screen printing

  • Laser CNC operation and maintenance




Brazosport Community College                                 2004-2006

  • Painting I and II

  • Drawing/ design

    • Technical practice with drawing tools. Studies of various theories: design, color theory, and conceptual.

  • Solo exhibition: reflection through mixed media, installation and painting


Houston Community College                                          2010-2012

  • Printmaking I and II

    • Instruction printing techniques: linoleum block, wood engraving, silkscreen, and intaglio (acid etching).

  • Digital arts I and II

    • Exploration in digital and post medium arts both technical and conceptual. Photo and video editing


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